Monday, April 4, 2011

This Is What We Eat

The roads are bumpy, the hours are irregular, and the crates are at times very heavy; but the one thing that makes you smile each morning is the promise of a warm meal at lunch. From the Rutgers Grease Trucks on College Avenue to the fish-n-chips of the Berkshires to the New Jersey sliders and fries of White Manna v. White Mana, and of course the Medford, NY urban legend of a sandwich known simply as the "Human Head". ain't no legend, it's real. Exit 64 off the LIE, Angora Food Market, order one and you won't leave hungry.


  1. Don't forget to scarf a whole box of Turkish delight and cut the tea with hot water! And mind the powdered sugar on that Turk D: sneeze it onto the dashboard, and it appears like you're smuggling blow!

  2. Box or two of halvah - scarf that shit down in a matter of days (no es bueno); Turkish coffee pot; a really intense perfumed log of Turkish soap (to scrub off the smell of copious meat consumption; and a bowl full of tube-frothed yogurt drink.