Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Choices, Obscured Warning.

Large truck drivers [large trucks, not drivers, though often the drivers too] would like all small car drivers to understand that passing a truck on the driver's side is safer than passing on the passenger's side. This is often indicated on the back of a truck with an arrow pointing to the driver's side with the word "Yes" and an arrow pointing to the passenger's side with the word "No." Already a cryptic message which goes mostly unnoticed by its intended audience, the pass-preference signage has become nothing more than a medium for truckers to impart that famous trucker's wit to the streets. (Another example of said wit is attaching a stuffed animal to a truck's grill). Though passing on the left is a golden rule of traffic safety that deserves constant reiteration, the digression from "YES/NO" pushes the message into the realm of truckers' inside joke. The creative messages tend towards death threats rather than safety warning. In our photo here, the implied message: pass on the left and be grateful to the lord Jebus that you have survived another day navigating to work like an asshole. Pass on the right and die like hippy scum.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Here's a picture of a city cat meowing around in style ah-top a satin pillow in a swanky BMW. Just in the shadows is a black cat riding around on its own fluffy surface. These two meowpants were headed west straight into the meat packing to live miserably in a new apartment.