Saturday, February 20, 2010

King Oscar

Good Lord. These poor, poor souls. For those not in the know, behold: sheer terror. If I can remember correctly, this was taken around 8:13 in the morning. Just imagine... you and your co-worker just picked up the rental, en route to the job and, not being familiar with the height of this foreign vehicle, cruise straight into a low overpass to a dead jarring halt.


Not only is the trailer sardined, but you're not making it to the job site anytime soon. You might have waved the meager insurance fee if you're a cheapskate. And man, let me tell ya, the guys at Ryder give you grief after pouring water into the transmission fluid rez. Imagine rolling in with this calamity.

Sheer terror.

As you can see, the driver in an acute daze and pale as a ghost. The co-driver stumbled off in an unknown direction, I don't know why. It must have felt like being told you have three herniated discs in between L3/L4/L5/S1 in your lumbar, need a triple discectomy with accompanying spinal fusion, and will never work with your friends ever again, let alone touch your toes...

Actually, nahhh, it doesn't. Tearing the roof off a box truck must feel wayyy worse.

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  1. He was dissociating himself from the error-maker. Like the way people slowly back away from the guy at Sotheby's loading dock who just put his steel toe boot through a 17th century European painting.