Monday, June 29, 2009

Larva Haus

Rat says it's ugly.

The union says it's ugly.

It's ugly.
Just over the Pulaski bridge it sits. Lime green and army green camo, topped with some cheap motor home tin paneling, and seated on a bed of faux stone wall. Walking home to this condo everyday would be like continually reliving an afternoon spent puking "Natty Ice" on the side of your friend's dad's trailer at the trailer park behind McDonald's.


  1. So ut's like a "theme" condo for nostalgic yuppies?

  2. Dude, like, that Natty Ice toe-tally wrecked me yesterday. I'm like, never getting a second dollar pitcher ever again.

  3. Indeed. I spilt the detergent doing laundry.